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EFFNZ Ltd have developed the De Licio® brand of truffle and mushroom mycorrhiza infected seedlings to help change pasture or existing forests into a viable truffle or mushroom producing crop.
Our aim is to provide plantation forestry owners, and lifestyle farmers with the opportunity of producing an annual crop of truffles or edible mushrooms in plantations that otherwise would not produce significant income until the trees are felled. We anticipate that forests producing significant income are less likely to be felled early and this may have positive implications for the accumulation of carbon credits.

Take some time to browse the site and if you are after a good read there is a downloads section at the bottom of this page to get you started!

Why grow truffles or mushrooms?

There are several reasons you may be interested in getting involved in New Zealand's rapidly growing truffle and mushroom industry.

1. Be a pioneer! This is a relatively young industry in the country and so far it has been through the efforts of several determined individuals that the possible rewards are being seen.
2. A successful edible ectomycorrhizal mushrooms (EEMM) crop will offset the cost of establishing the plantation and under some circumstances the harvested truffles or mushrooms may exceed the value of the timber!
3. Even modest quantities of truffles and mushrooms may be sufficient for a grower to be able to delay felling a plantation until timber prices are optimal.

The financials rewards can vary but truffle yields tend to be lower per tree than the other edible mushrooms but prices can be much higher and well in excess of NZ$1000 per kg.

New Zealand's first commercial saffron milk cap plantations produced their first mushrooms 18 months after planting in 2001. Production is now 3 kg per tree with the mushrooms selling for NZ$40/kg.

Many of the host trees for mycorrhizal mushrooms also produce quality timber or edible nuts so there is also the opportunity for double cropping.

About EFFNZ!

Edible Forest Fungi New Zealand (EFFNZ), Chowbent, Truffles & Mushrooms Consulting Limited and Oregon Nurseries Ltd are four companies involved in the cultivation of ectomycorrhizal mushrooms. They have come together to develop new ways of cultivating EEMM such as truffles and the saffron milk cap and to provide pre and post planting management advice.

Contact Us!

For further information on truffles and other edible mycorrhizal mushrooms contact:

Ian Hall
P.O. Box 268
New Zealand
Phone: +64-3-454 3574
Mobile: +64-27-226 1844
Email: truffle1@ihug.co.nz
Website: www.trufflesandmushrooms.co.nz

For information on the ordering and availability of trees bearing edible mycorrhizal mushrooms please contact:

Edible Forest Fungi NZ Ltd
Oregon Nurseries Ltd
P.O. Box 384
New Zealand
Phone: +64-3-431 3627
Email: onl@oregonnurseries.co.nz

Take the Tour!

We have developed a step by step tour to help give you an idea of what is involved in developing your own fungi crop.
Just click the links below to discover information on what you need to do to help optimise your crop's performance.

(All information has been gathered from the downloadable PDF files at the bottom of the page.
If you have any further technical questions do not hesitate to contact Dr. Ian Hall.
For any stock availability contact Oregon Nurseries Ltd)

1. So you want to grow truffles or mushrooms?

mycorrhiza on root tips

The first step is to understand the history and science of growing truffles and mushrooms.
What has happened in the past and what are the possibilities for you in the future?

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2. What are your options?

Saffron Milkcap being harvested

One of the biggest choices for you will be whether to grow truffles or mushrooms? Tuber borchii, Lactarius deliciosis or Suillus lakei...?

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3. Is your site ready for some seedlings?

Painted suillius growing naturally

Climate, choice of host plant, and soil chemistry, texture, drainage and organic matter content will all contribute to the success of a plantation established to cultivate an edible mycorrhizal mushroom.

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4. I am ready to order my seedlings!

De Licio ® seedling

This step is to cover the ordering process from the moment to place your order through to our packaging and dispatch stage.

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5. The seedlings are here! Time to plant...

The Krummenachers crop is successfully producing Saffron Milkcap because it helped to have a high survival rate at plant out

Now for a very important stage... Planting
In this step we will offer plant care tips and some planting instructions.
Get this right and you have made an encouraging start to your truffle or mushroom future.

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6. Plant and site maintenance

A well maintained hazelnut/bianchetto crop

In order to raise the chances you will have a bountiful harvest you should seriously consider giving it the site it needs to flourish.
Here we will look at the need for fertiliser, soil conditioning, trimming and much more...

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7. Time to harvest your crop!

A basket of freshly picked saffron milkcap

Now if you have successfully raised your fungi crop it's time to harvest!
So what can you do with your product?

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